Camera Manager

Camera Manager Key Features and Benefits Simultaneous control and imaging for up to 16 camera systems Advanced Slue-to-Cue capabilities Automated image capture and transmission via email and text messaging LRAD control and sluing Wide-angle HD camera integration for real-time panoramic cameras Designed for shipboard, mobile and land based platforms Video surveillance is the perfect complement …

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Composite Tracker

Composite Tracker Key Features and Benefits Scalable. Allows for a common track picture of 64 radars Correlates with a multitude of sensors: AIS, IFF, DSC, Sonar, ELINT, etc. Simultaneously tracks several thousand targets Track sharing via API and NMEA input/output Advanced techniques can deliver real-time data via low bandwidth Designed for shipboard, mobile and land-based …

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LAN API Recorder

LAN API Recorder Key Features and Benefits Records all COMRIC API network traffic Replay all data – alarms, video, tracks, etc. Archive to DVD, via connected NAS, or USB HDD Remote control and operation Many situations exist where the user needs to review historical data, such as finding lost vessels, identifying the root causes of …

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Maritime Information Server

Maritime Information Server On-Demand Data Access The Maritime Information Server, or MIS, offers on-demand data access; delivering detailed information to Radii operators and providing a web service interface for third-party applications. Improving System Effectiveness The MIS offers capabilities for both turnkey systems and large scale integrated systems, enabling data to flow among SSR’s products as …

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PCRP Radar Processor

PCRP Radar Processor Key Features and Benefits Interfaces with most modern and legacy radar/IFF systems Scalable architecture allows for 1 to 64 radars in a system Rugged design provides operation in harsh desert and sea environments Advanced radar image compression delivers real-time image over low bandwidth Automatic clutter control offers autonomous radar operation The PCRP …

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Radii Situational Awareness Display The Radii situational awareness display presents an integrated view of the operational area, enables situation management by providing automated analytics and decision support tools, and provides control of the underlying radar and sensor systems. Flexible User Interface Radii’s user interface allows operators to create a customized layout specific to their mission …

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RDOP Remote Display

RDOP Display Key Features and Benefits 360° Situational Awareness through a Common Operational Picture Multi-Radar / Multi-Color Composite Image Sensor Overlay on a Fused Nautical Chart and Satellite Image Remote control of all SSR components from a single command center Automated Slue-to-Cue Video Surveillance Remote alerting via Email, SMS, MMS, Syslog and SNMP The RDOP …

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