Recent SSR Updates

Customizable Shipboard Display

SSR’s Radii provides a customizable shipboard interface, presenting a choice between the familiar ARPA-style layout common to shipboard applications, and a more modern tactical layout. Both approaches offer an intuitive and modern user interface while providing an easy transition for operators familiar with traditional shipboard interfaces, including being suitable for traditional 4:3 display sizes and the latest wide-aspect screens. Since each display can be modified to meet specific operational need, similar tools and functionality between each layout minimize training requirements when deployed across multiple assets with differing missions.

Integrating More Next-Gen Radars

Starting with the Kelvin Hughes SharpEye, SSR has been integrating with next-gen solid-state radars for over seven years. Now, SSR is pleased to announce the successful integration and deployment of three more next-generation commercial radars with PCRP Radar Processors. These solid-state radars allow SSR PCRP Radar Processors to take advantage of coherent processing techniques and other algorithms to improve radar operation, target detection, and tracking. These next-gen systems include:

  • TERMA 2200 and 5000 series (solid state)
  • FURUNO 3000 series (magnetron and solid state)
  • GEM (solid state)

For radar sensors facing end-of-life and other procurement issues, these radars and their PCRP Radar Processor counterparts offer technological jumps and answer logistics needs, such as backwards compatibility and parts availability. This means that an existing radar and PCRP can be refreshed with minimal impact on existing systems, operations, training, procurement, and support.

Talk with SSR today about how you can minimize downtime by updating your aging sensors.

Royal New Zealand Navy Using Shipboard Radii

A new set of surface and airspace management capabilities have been delivered to the Royal New Zealand Navy. SSR was recently selected by BECA New Zealand to provide an integrated sensor and situational awareness package for the Aviation Airspace Management System (AAMS). The AAMS is deployed on Multi-Role Vessels (MRV) and Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) in the fleet.

SSR easily extended its core product capabilities to meet the unique requirements of this program. The system combines existing radar and AIS while incorporating ADS-B, creating a correlated track management picture. Augmented with additional support and decision tools, Radii provides a single intuitive interface for the AAMS operators.

This approach leveraged the existing sensors without impacting their primary role, minimizing shipboard impact and lowering overall program costs.

We are excited to have worked with BECA New Zealand on delivering this capability to the Royal New Zealand Navy, and look forward to providing additional capabilities in the future.

Simplified Configuration & Maintenance

Configuration and maintenance just became easier! SSR’s new web browser interface provides access to configuration settings for installers, technicians, and administrators. In addition, tools are provided to help monitor the health of the system, with more to be added in the coming months.

The interface will ship on all new units and can be downloaded for fielded products, that meet the following minimum requirements: Bluecat OS 6 or 7 with 2 GB RAM and 1 GB DOM.

Please visit our Download Software page and select “Web UI – Web-enabled Administration Tool.”

SSR Sails into Fleet Week

SSR’s new AN/SPS-78 set sail this summer aboard the USCGC CAMPBELL. The USCGC CAMPBELL sailed from its homeport of Portsmouth, NH to New York City as part of the Fleet Week celebration with the Coast Guard’s new Surface Search/Navigation radar.

In September 2013, SSR Engineering was awarded a US Coast Guard contract to provide a ‘Surface Search/Navigation Radar System’ solution. The AN/SPS-78 was developed to replace the aging AN/SPS-73 systems aboard the 270’ and 210’ Medium Endurance Cutters. Successfully tested and evaluated aboard the USCGC CAMPBELL and USCGC DECISIVE, the AN/SPS-78 is now in full production. The AN/SPS-78 provides logistics commonality to the SSR radar processors already installed on both the National Security Cutters and Fast Response Cutters.

The AN/SPS-78 is a modern COTS-based solution that addresses reliability and obsolesce issues of the AN/SPS-73. It is a high performance radar processing and tracking system that bridges the gap between commercial IMO requirements and tactical mission capabilities required by Coast Guards and Navies. The AN/SPS-78 is fully integrated with the US Coast Guard’s tactical C2 system, SeaWatch.

The contract was awarded in September 2013. SSR’s First Article Test system was delivered in December 2013 and a prototype system was installed on the USCGC CAMPBELL in April 2014. SSR received the full production order in September 2014. Contract signing to full production took less than a year. Current users aboard USCGC CAMPBELL and USCGC DECISIVE report high satisfaction due to the AN/SPS-78’s reliability and performance.

Introducing Radii

SSR’s anticipated situational awareness display is now available; providing customers with enhanced capabilities and a new user experience.

Radii is the new pinnacle of an SSR turnkey system; from sensor management to situational management, it provides a seamless and intuitive common operational system. Radii is the result of an active customer community providing requisites, feedback and evaluations; it is now fielded and exceeding the operational expectations.

Radii is a scalable application, designed for standalone radar sites to large national command centers. It provides complete control and management of the underlying sensor systems. The sensor data is intuitively blended and presented on a single user interface. Real-time tracking, data analysis and anomaly detection is performed by the system, reducing operator workload and ensuring only pertinent information is provided to the operator. As scheduled or unplanned events occur, Radii can provide collaboration, communication and management support for the involved assets. Instant on-demand access to recorded and stored data allows the operators to gather a complete picture of the event as it unfolds.

Radii is available as an upgrade option to current system users and is the primary interface for all future land based installments. Contact your SSR representative to learn more about Radii and receive a live demo.

SSR Announces the Maritime Information Server

The SSR Maritime Information Server (MIS) offers on demand information access, delivering detailed information to Radii operators, and providing a web service interface to third party applications.

The MIS offers capabilities for both turnkey systems and large scale integrated systems.

As an information storage server, MIS is continually collecting data from the internal system and other available commercial and government data sources. Integrating this information with the real-time data provides enhanced situational awareness to the operator, allowing them to make more informed and knowledgeable decisions.

The MIS allows third party access through a secure REST Web Service interface; offering developers an intuitive means to access data that was previously only available through the COMRIC API. This enables our partners to utilize the SSR information in new and innovative ways.

Contact your SSR representative to learn more about MIS and access our live web service information feed.

Protecting the Chesapeake

SSR Engineering has provided its core radar processing, tracking, and camera control solutions to the Maryland Natural Resources Police (MNRP). Tasked with protecting over 3000 miles of shoreline in and around the Chesapeake Bay, SSR’s equipment allows them to monitor that coverage area in real-time.

A sprawling network of radar, cameras, and other sensors, the MNRP Maritime Law Enforcement Information Network (MLEIN) is now being utilized to monitor and protect precious ecological resources, which have always been key to the welfare of the Chesapeake Bay. Recent convictions of poaching validate the efforts of a state that is doing its part to ensure the long-term health of the largest estuary in the United States.

SSR Engineering is proud to be a partner in their ongoing efforts to secure this vast estuary, continuing to provide support and integration with new sensors and data as the system continues to grow. SSR’s highly-adaptable products enable partners like the Department of Natural Resources to put what they need where and when they need it.

Further Reading: Oyster Poachers Found Guilty with Help of New Radar Network

New Product Series Announced

Faster, sleeker, smaller. SSR is pleased to announce the release of its newest product series.

The next generation of SSR hardware products will be delivered in a slim custom designed 2U rack-mounted form factor. The form factor is half the size of its previous versions, minimizing critical real estate in equipment cabinets.

The base system runs a dual core i5 CPU, with 4GB RAM and an 8GB DOM, with optional expansions for further processing power.

The design of the system allows it to operate in rugged environments. It has been tested and complies with the following standards.

  • IEC 60945: Temperature, Humidity, EMI/EMC and Vibration
  • MIL-STD-901D: Grade B Shock
  • FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class A

Upgrade options exist for currently fielded units.

Contact SSR Engineering for more information or if you have any questions.