Camera Manager

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simultaneous control and imaging for up to 16 camera systems
  • Advanced Slue-to-Cue capabilities
  • Automated image capture and transmission via email and text messaging
  • LRAD control and sluing
  • Wide-angle HD camera integration for real-time panoramic cameras
  • Designed for shipboard, mobile and land based platforms

Video surveillance is the perfect complement to any radar surveillance system. Radar and tracking allow for accurate detection and positioning of targets, however visual identification is typically required for an operator to make informed decisions and responses. Using the track information, the Camera Manager is able to lock any camera on the target. This offers the operator persistent visual observation of the target as it traverses through the area of operation.

The modular design of the Camera Manager allows it to interface to nearly all existing daytime and/or infrared cameras. In addition to cameras, the Camera Manager can control other pan-tilt devices such as Long Range Acoustic Devices.

SSR has a long history of integrating cameras and has designed its system to maintain stable slue-to-cue on shipboard platforms and against fast moving maneuverable targets. SSR is continuing to embrace the latest technologies in video surveillance and create new value added for the integrated surveillance system.