Composite Tracker

Key Features and Benefits

  • Scalable. Allows for a common track picture of 64 radars
  • Correlates with a multitude of sensors: AIS, IFF, DSC, Sonar, ELINT, etc.
  • Simultaneously tracks several thousand targets
  • Track sharing via API and NMEA input/output
  • Advanced techniques can deliver real-time data via low bandwidth
  • Designed for shipboard, mobile and land-based platforms

At the core of any modern surveillance system is the need to extract useful information from the underlying sensor data. The Composite Tracker correlates data from multiple radars and sensors to generate high quality composite tracks. The tracker can receive, process, and correlate additional sensor data from AIS, IFF, DSC, Sonar and ELINT Sensors. These tracks provide the operators with the necessary information they need to make critical decisions in their day to day operations.

The Composite Tracker is fielded on shipboard, mobile and land-based platforms. SSR is continuing to enhance the performance and features of the Composite Tracker as our customers encounter new challenges. Among other requirements, the tracker is designed for overlapping sensor coverage areas, provides a single track picture over thousands of miles and maintains target tracking in cluttered and blind areas.

SSR has embraced this age of information sharing by providing a variety of ways to access the Composite Track data.