LAN API Recorder

Key Features and Benefits

  • Records all COMRIC API network traffic
  • Replay all data – alarms, video, tracks, etc.
  • Archive to DVD, via connected NAS, or USB HDD
  • Remote control and operation

Many situations exist where the user needs to review historical data, such as finding lost vessels, identifying the root causes of incidents, or replaying live data for training exercises. The LAR recordings have also been used as evidence by law enforcement officials in a court of law.

The LAR goes beyond simple video recording by storing all the raw COMRIC network messages. This allows the analyst to review areas of operation that weren’t being observed by the operator in real-time.

The recorded can then be backed up to various mediums, including DVDs, external Hard Drives and Network Attached Storage. The recorded data can be replayed in the system or extracted for further data analysis.