Maritime Information Server

On-Demand Data Access

The Maritime Information Server, or MIS, offers on-demand data access; delivering detailed information to Radii operators and providing a web service interface for third-party applications.

Improving System Effectiveness

The MIS offers capabilities for both turnkey systems and large scale integrated systems, enabling data to flow among SSR’s products as well as to external systems, the latter with minimal integration.

Query Global Databases

As an information storage server, MIS is continually collecting data from the internal system and other available commercial and government data sources. Integrating this information with the real-time data provides enhanced situational awareness to the operator, allowing them to make more informed and knowledgeable decisions.

Web Service API for Easy Integration

The MIS allows third party access through a secure REST web service interface; offering developers an intuitive means to access data that was previously only available through the COMRIC API. This enables our partners to utilize the SSR information in new and innovative ways.

Key Features and Benefits
  • REST Web Service Interface
    • Track Positions and Data
    • Radar Image and Status
    • Camera Image and Status
    • Track Anomalies and Alerts
    • Stored Vessel Information
    • System Health and Monitoring
  • Information Collection and Storage Services
    • Vessel Details, Characteristics and Photos
    • Voyage Details, Historical Positions and Port Calls
    • Interest and Alert Notifications
    • Port Information
  • Designed for Interoperability with Information Exchange Services
    • Maritime Information Sharing Environment (MISE)
    • Inter-VTS Exchange Format (IVEF)
    • IHS Maritime
  • Role-Based Data Availability, Encrypted Access
    • Deliver role-appropriate information via encrypted sessions
    • Designate what information is available for each user role or group