PCRP Radar Processor

Key Features and Benefits

  • Interfaces with most modern and legacy radar/IFF systems
  • Scalable architecture allows for 1 to 64 radars in a system
  • Rugged design provides operation in harsh desert and sea environments
  • Advanced radar image compression delivers real-time image over low bandwidth
  • Automatic clutter control offers autonomous radar operation

The PCRP is a key element of any Port Security, Range Safety, Coastal Surveillance, Ship Navigation, or Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) system. In addition to its maritime applications, the PCRP has also been used in air search systems.

The modular design of the system allows for seamless integration with most modern and legacy surveillance radars and IFF systems. The detection ability of the radar system is greatly improved when combined with a PCRP. Using sophisticated proprietary algorithms the PCRP is able to enhance the detection of small targets that are usually not observed on standard commercial radar displays.

SSR is continuing to stay at the forefront by developing new processing techniques and embracing new market technologies such as solid state radars.