Situational Awareness Display

The Radii situational awareness display presents an integrated view of the operational area, enables situation management by providing automated analytics and decision support tools, and provides control of the underlying radar and sensor systems.

Flexible User Interface

Radii’s user interface allows operators to create a customized layout specific to their mission preferences and needs. The display can be configured for single screen or multi-screen mode; in multi-screen mode the Workspace Window provides a customizable grid of application modules. Internationalization allows the entire application to be presented in the local operator’s language.

Sensor Integration, Display and Control

Radii provides complete control and management of the underlying sensor systems. The sensor data is intuitively combined and presented on a single user interface. A composite high-resolution radar image offers detailed insight of the operational area. The satellite image and nautical chart image blending provide a seamless transition between land and sea.

Automated Tracking and Anomaly Detection

Real-time tracking, data analysis and anomaly detection is performed by the system, reducing operator workload and ensuring only pertinent information is provided to the operator. An intuitive presentation of information and expanding set of support tools allows the operator to quickly understand and respond to unfolding events.

Event Management

The event management portion of the system allows operators to respond to and manage events using agency-defined standard operating procedures(SOP), providing collaboration, communication and management support for involved assets.

On-Demand Information Access

Instant on-demand access to recorded and stored data allows the operators to gather a complete picture of the event as it unfolds. As an integrated system, Radii provides user access to the SSR Maritime Information Server and LAN API Recorder.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Multi-language support available
  • Real-time tracking, data analysis, and anomaly detection
  • Event management and logging features, including SOP integration and remote alerting
  • A myriad of sensors, up to sixty-four radars supported
Radii / RDOP Comparison

Radii is available as an upgrade option to current system users and is the primary interface for all future land-based installations and is backwards-compatible with existing SSR systems.

RDOP/Radii Feature Comparison