Supporting Shipboard Foreign Military Sale Programs

Shipboard FMS Programs provide an vital acquisition strategy for many foreign governments; allowing foreign navies to quickly grow and enhance their operational capabilities. During the transition process, many of the surveillance and command and control are capabilities are reduced or removed. Working with the US government, the prime contractor takes on the responsibility of outfitting the ship to meet the foreign navy’s needs.

SSR has provided the surveillance and C2 capabilities for many successful US Navy and US Coast Guard FMS Programs. SSR has both modernized existing legacy surveillance systems as well as provided completely new systems. All of this technology is exportable without license restrictions which eases the procurement process (No ITAR Restrictions).

Key Discriminators and Technologies

Integrated Shipboard Surveillance

In addition to surface search radars, SSR is able to integrate air search radars, legacy radars, AIS, IFF, ADS-B, cameras and sonars to provide a common operational command and control picture. The SSR Composite Tracker can combine the target information from these sensors and other external tracks sources such as OTH-Gold and Link to provide an integrated track picture.

Scalable, Flexible and Open

SSR’s modular design turns systems integration into simple plug and play. SSR can provide a turnkey surveillance and command and control system, or provide the building blocks for a larger C4ISR system. Our open COMRIC API enables simple integration with third party systems. .

Encrypted AIS / Blue Force Tracking

SSR’s Encrypted AIS Module allows shipboard operators to quickly identify and locate friendly vessels in their area of operation. The shipboard operators can securely send and receive text messages with its friendly assets. In addition, designated Targets of Interest can be shared during joint operations. The Encrypted AIS Module is provided in both an exportable and US FIPS version.

Experienced FMS Provider

SSR has already outfitted many of the USCG ans USN ship classes currently being sold via FMS. The experience and lessons learned from these programs will reduce programmatic and technical risks for future sales.

Lifetime Support and Software

SSR offers lifetime, on-call support and software enhancements to ensure the system will always be operational and cutting edge. Prime Contractors can get direct access to our engineers and maritime surveillance experts at all program phases.