Offshore Platform Security

Securing an offshore platform means ensuring the safety of personnel and protecting a multi-million dollar operation. This requires around the clock surveillance of potential air, surface, or subsurface threats. A single small craft could pose a major risk to such a facility.

SSR’s technologies have been installed on offshore platforms around the world for close to a decade, in locations such as the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. SSR’s system provides 360°, 24/7 monitoring of potential dangers and our automated alerting system ensures that a facility’s security detail is well-equipped to identify and respond to threats.

Key Technologies and Solutions

360° Integrated Sensor Surveillance

In addition to radar, SSR is able to integrate camera systems, AIS, LRAD, and sonar to provide complete, 360° surveillance of surface and subsurface targets. The SSR Composite Tracker can correlate the target information from multiple sensors to provide an integrated track picture, while alarm zones based on proximity and other characteristics can detect and trigger events like sluing cameras or LRADs and even to send out alerts.

Custom Alerting Capabilities

System alarms and threat alerts can be delivered using a variety of mechanisms including SMS, MMS, email, and SNMP. This allows necessary personnel to be notified the instant an event occurs, regardless of whether they are monitoring the system or not.

Platform to Ship Track Sharing

Security personnel on the platform can use the track sharing capability to help facilitate interdiction operations by sending real-time track information to the interdicting vessel. In addition, patrol vessels can enhance the platform’s track picture by sending its own target information back to the command center.

Remote Monitoring and Control Capability

SSR has developed mechanisms to send sensor data and control messages over low-bandwidth radio and satellite links. This capability allows for the monitoring and control of remote platforms from a centralized command center located on land or even another platform.

Enhanced Radar Processing

SSR’s radar processing improves the detection capability of standard maritime radars. Automatic clutter processing allows the operator to perform multiple tasks and not focus on tuning the radar. The clutter processing automatically adjusts as storms and other environmental conditions change and the radar processing enhances the detectability of small targets.