Portable Solutions

In a variety of situations a mobile or portable surveillance platform is more advantageous than a fixed surveillance tower. Such systems can provide rapid onsite situational awareness in emergency situations, while others use them as portable persistent surveillance platforms that are redeployed as threats and violators migrate. Application that utilize portable solutions range from military force protection to search and rescue to commercial poaching surveillance.

SSR has worked with system integrators to create mobile vehicles, detachable trailers, and man-portable solutions which are now operating worldwide. These systems can operate as stand-alone surveillance platforms or connect into large-scale surveillance networks.

Key Technologies and Solutions

360° Integrated Sensor Surveillance

In addition to radar, SSR is able to integrate camera systems, AIS, LRAD, and sonar to provide complete, 360° surveillance of surface and subsurface targets. The SSR Composite Tracker can correlate the target information from multiple sensors to provide an integrated track picture, while alarm zones based on proximity and other characteristics can detect and trigger events like sluing cameras or LRADs and even to send out alerts.

Non-Terrestrial Communication

In most cases, portable systems communicate back to a command center using low-bandwidth communication links; these include satellite, microwave, radio and cellular. In order to be managed remotely, a standard portable site may require a consistent 2 Mbps bandwidth but in most cases this is not available. As a result, SSR has developed many specialized network communication techniques which allow pertinent data to get back to the command center in real-time.

Dynamic Positioning and Alignment

Portable solutions are a unique hybrid between land-based and shipboard platforms. Like shipboard, these systems require navigation sensors to correctly position and align radar and camera sensors. However, once they are positioned, the systems act more like fixed surveillance sites. SSR has taken these attributes into account and created a special platform positioning algorithm to allow these portable sites to seamlessly integrate into larger surveillance systems, allowing them to function as fixed sites as long as needs dictate.

Enhanced Radar Processing

SSR’s radar processing improves the detection capability of standard maritime radars. Automatic clutter processing allows the operator to perform multiple tasks and not focus on tuning the radar. The clutter processing automatically adjusts as storms and other environmental conditions change and the radar processing enhances the detectability of small targets.