Shipboard Surveillance

Commercial radars are designed to meet safety of navigation requirements. However, navy and coast guard ships require radars that support security, search and rescue, and law enforcement missions. Additionally, some commercial entities require onboard piracy detection and security systems. SSR’s system is designed to meet all of these commercial and tactical missions.

SSR’s products are installed on various US and foreign-flagged ships worldwide, both merchant marine and government. All modern USCG shipboard C2 systems incorporate SSR technologies, where operators make use of a familiar ARPA interface augmented with tactical features and functions. Depending on the mission at hand, these technologies allow them to quickly identify threats, violators, or distressed vessels and coordinate joint response operations

Key Technologies and Solutions

Integrated Shipboard Surveillance

In addition to surface search radars, SSR is able to integrate air search radars, legacy radars, AIS, IFF, ADS-B, camera systems, and sonar to provide a common operational command and control picture. The SSR Composite Tracker can combine the target information from these sensors and other external track sources such as OTH-Gold and Link-16 to provide an integrated track picture.

Parallel Mission Processing

SSR can support multiple simultaneous missions by independently processing and tracking the same sensor data. As the bridge navigates congested waterways, maneuvering around nearby tracks, the combat information center manages an interdiction operation miles away.

Piracy Detection Systems

Combing radar, AIS, cameras, and non-lethal deterrents, SSR has fielded compact piracy detection systems on commercial vessels. These systems can be monitored and managed onboard the ship or managed remotely from a land-based command center.

Ship to Ship / Ship to Shore Track Sharing

Shipboard and land-based operators can share real-time track information to help facilitate a variety of different missions. These tracks can be disseminated over a variety of communication links including satellite, cellular, radio, and microwave.

Encrypted AIS / Blue Force Tracking

SSR’s Encrypted AIS Module allows land-based operators to quickly identify and locate friendly vessels in their area of operation and operations centers can securely send and receive text messages with their friendly assets. In addition, designated Targets of Interest can be shared during joint operations. The Encrypted AIS Module is provided in both an exportable and US FIPS version.