Supporting System Integrators

In any major program the prime contractor takes on a major responsibility as the system integrator. They are the focal point for the end customer and responsible for making sure the final system meets customer expectations and requirements. These programs are typically driven by complex cost, schedule, and technical constraints and are always in need of proven, low-risk products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

We’re only successful when you’re successful.

SSR is built from the ground up to support system integrators throughout the entire program’s lifecycle – from project definition to lifetime support. We believe good customer relations are the essence of our business and have been successfully building and cultivating relationships with systems integrators since our founding in 1999.

Key Discriminators

Scalable and Flexible Surveillance Systems

SSR delivers truly scalable surveillance solutions from standalone systems to large scale multi-site installations. We can provide turn-key systems from radar processing and tracking to command and control. As a truly integrated system, our products can become one of the building blocks of your company’s offering.

Proven Performance Worldwide

Since its inception, SSR has been installing systems worldwide and our products are operating continually in some of the world’s harshest environments. We are experienced in handling large scale, complex, and challenging system configurations, such as providing coastline surveillance in for entire countries.

Lifetime Support and Software

SSR offers lifetime, on-call support and software enhancements to ensure the system will always be operational and cutting edge. Prime contractors can get direct access to our engineers and maritime surveillance experts at all program phases.

Open Architecture

SSR’s modular design turns systems integration into simple plug and play. Our COMRIC API enables simple integration with third party systems. Other integrators turn to our XML Gateway to access detailed track data in a universal language. In addition, we can provide data in other standard data formats.