Total Camera Control

Our camera server, the SSR Camera Manager, provides operators with display and control of all day and night visual and infrared cameras in their system, helping them quickly identify risks and make rapid educated security decisions. In addition, the camera manager can control other pan/tilt devices, such as long-range acoustic device (LRAD) systems, further enhancing the operator’s response capabilities.


Camera Control Interface

Camera Control Interface

The SSR Camera Manager allows operators to interface with a variety of cameras and camera manufacturer software packages, utilizing both open and proprietary analog and digital interfaces. With SSR, system designers have considerable flexibility in choosing the ideal cameras for the system as they’re not limited to a handful of options.

Adaptable Camera Video Presentation

Adaptable Camera Video Presentation

The camera server adapts to your system’s bandwidth to provide the most appropriate camera video. High resolution video will stream in high bandwidth systems while in situations where low bandwidth is the only option, high resolution images are served up to ensure situational awareness is maintained.

Automatic Camera Slewing

Automatic Camera Slewing

The SSR Camera Manager intelligently and automatically slews cameras to tracks in the system to assist in immediate target identification. Automatically or at the operator’s command, cameras lock onto a track and follow the target, offering the operator persistent visual observation of the target as it transits through the surveilled area.


Immediate Target Identification

No more guess work. Once a target is detected and tracked, the Camera Manager allows operators to quickly classify and identify the target through visual confirmation with cameras. Automated image capture saves a snapshot to the database and allows operators to send images via text and email.

Adaptive Video Lock

Intelligent slew to cue capability reduces operator workload. The system automatically locks on to tracks of interest and adaptively selects the ideal camera for the lock to provide the best visual for identification. Once a target is identified and locked, the operator receives an alert to review the camera image for identification.

One Control

One control to rule them all. Through one station, an operator can control all cameras – zooming, panning, tilting, and tracking – to immediately identify targets and gather the information needed to make informed security decisions.

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