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No matter the operation, our customers demand constant, clear connectivity regardless of location, terrain, weather or bandwidth. SSR delivers a variety of fixed, mobile and shipboard systems designed to overcome challenges of location and bandwidth. We ensure accurate, steady information is delivered, facilitating a timely and efficient response.

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Multi-Tier, Geographically Dispersed Systems

Sensors and systems installed across hundreds of miles of waterways and terrain pose unique challenges, from system architecture and connectivity to aligning with regional and national command structures. As a result, SSR utilizes a variety of mechanisms to: help connect and control disparate systems over low bandwidth data links, manage local environmental challenges, seamlessly handle overlapping coverage regions, implement system redundancy, and securely disseminate real-time tactical information to decision makers and responders. Designing a system of this magnitude requires a partner with the right technology, experience and expertise; SSR has you covered.


  • Solves issues around large, multi-tier, geographically dispersed systems
  • Offers a variety of mechanisms to connect and disseminate real-time tactical information
  • Provides integrators with a variety of configurations to help meet customer needs

Remote Unmanned Surveillance Systems

SSR specializes in remote unmanned fixed and mobile surveillance systems, producing high fidelity data in all weather and environments. This technology allows sensors to be placed in the ideal surveillance location, independent of manning or infrastructure availability. This system is designed to automatically create a local clutter-free track picture which is transmitted to a wide range of systems.


  • Provides solutions for both remote unmanned fixed and mobile surveillance systems
  • Allows integrators to create reliable, remotely managed surveillance platforms
  • Automatically generates local track information that can be shared with regional, national, or global systems

Compact Radar Surveillance System

In many cases it is more advantageous to have multiple short-range radars covering inland waterways rather than a single long-range system. SSR provides compact self-contained surveillance systems incorporating radar, camera, and AIS. These packages are designed for easy installation anywhere


  • Provides the advantage of multiple compact systems over a large, expensive system
  • Offers an easy to install and deploy turnkey system
  • Comes fully self-contained, including all sensor payloads

Portable Systems

A mobile or portable surveillance platform provides rapid onsite situational awareness in emergency situations as well as a portable surveillance platform that can be redeployed as threats and violators migrate. SSR works with system integrators for mobile vehicles, detachable trailers, and man-portable solutions used in military force protection, search and rescue and commercial poaching surveillance operations, to name a few.


  • Offers greater flexibility and unique benefits compared to fixed surveillance towers
  • Supports a variety of portable solutions including military force protection, search and rescue and commercial poaching surveillance operations
  • Operates as stand-alone system or part of a large scale connected system

Ship to Shore/Platform Information Sharing

SSR systems share sensor and track data among forward deployed assets and the command ship or center, allowing remote commanders to visualize detailed information to increase situational awareness and effectiveness. Land-based fixed sensor information can be accessed, broadening awareness. SSR systems include solutions to overcome unreliable, low bandwidth, latent networks using sensors and platforms that are prone to error and biases.


  • Shares sensor and track data among assets
  • Utilizes a variety of techniques to share and present information
  • Supports ship to shore communications

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