Protect Offshore Assets

Our integrated sensor technology quickly combines clutter-free real-time data from multiple sensors into one simple, easy to use interface, helping operators make instant, knowledgeable security decisions before a threat reaches the platform.

Real-Time Detection and Protection

New security threats require faster detection. To properly protect oil and gas platforms, exploration rigs, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, and offshore wind turbines, you require real-time situational awareness without added personnel or operational overhead.

SSR delivers. Whether from the land, air, or sea, our system helps identify targets that pose a security threat to your platform. Standard physical security systems rely heavily on camera systems that may be limited in certain environments or conditions. SSR’s complete 360-degree perimeter security solution addressees these limitations by integrating high definition day and night sensors with compact radar systems to ensure larger detection areas and tracking. When a threat is detected, our automated alerting system ensures your team is notified immediately with the information needed to make quick, educated security decisions.

Our flexible system is designed to support a variety of frameworks, from a facility operating autonomously with its own command center to a group of facilities and vessels interconnected with a remote or land-based command center. In a time when a single small craft could pose a major risk to your facility, SSR enables the information you need to act immediately and protect your critical offshore assets.

Strategic Benefits

SSR’s Offshore Platform Protection solutions provide multiple benefits, ensuring complete 24/7/365 situational awareness within your budget while remaining responsive to changing conditions.

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Remote Monitoring and Control Capability

Complete control from miles away. SSR’s system architecture and core technologies enable remote surveillance over a variety of data links. This allows security management teams to operate centralized command center located on land or even another platform.

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Share Tracks Among Your Assets

Share information between ships and platforms. Our track sharing capability allows security personnel on the platform to facilitate interdiction operations by sending real-time track information to an intercepting vessel. In addition, patrol vessels can enhance the platform’s track picture by sending its own target information back to the command center.

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Optimized System Reliability and Operational Availability

You’re always online. Our ruggedly designed systems operate autonomously for years at a time often hundreds of miles from command centers. With onboard remote monitoring and control, our maintenance tools minimize onsite maintenance requirements and downtime while our system redundancies ensure you never experience a loss in coverage.

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360-Degree Perimeter Security System

We deliver peace of mind with full perimeter detection. SSR’s team works with you to identify the ideal sensors for your needs, ensuring you have the right mix of equipment to deliver complete 360-degree security covering land, air, and sea, identifying persons, vehicles, watercraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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Focused Surveillance with Threat Detection

A split-second decision can make all the difference. Our system takes the guesswork out of identifying potential threats. Automatic system alarms and threat alerts can be delivered using a variety of mechanisms including SMS, MMS, email, and SNMP, allowing necessary personnel to be notified the instant an event occurs.

Offshore Platforms at Work

Protecting Energy Production

Pirates, and in some cases even privateers, remain a stark reality in many parts of the developing world, creating increased security risks for offshore oil and gas exploration. In these locations, a sophisticated early warning system and comprehensive security net is paramount for the safety and protection of personnel and equipment.

SSR’s system is the solution of choice for oil and gas exploration and production companies throughout the world. By combining long- and short-range surveillance sensors through ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship networks, SSR allows organizations to extend their surveillance net, increasing response time through early detection.

Current SSR configurations utilized by oil exploration companies, incorporate radar and camera systems along with the commercial AIS on a patrol boat, as well as those sensors onboard the exploration or extraction vessel. The patrol boat remains on the horizon, extending the protection perimeter and identifying threats well before they are within range of the drilling site. SSR’s automatic tracking and alerts provide security teams with ample opportunity to prepare a response to the threat.

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