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Situational Awareness and Complete Control at your Fingertips

Proven in commercial and military applications, our solutions provide results for security, safety, airspace management and fleet management. Whether selecting SSR as a vertical solutions provider or part of an integrated system, we work with you to ensure program and mission success.

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Tactical Situational Awareness/C2 Display

SSR’s tactical situation awareness/command and control system, Radii, was developed over years in partnership with commercial and military customers around the world. Listening to our customers, we have incorporated features and functionality critical to mission success, such as 9-Line Medevac support, force disposition graphics, 2525 symbology, EMCON activation, and ELVA flight patterns.


  • Turnkey situational awareness and command and control systems
  • Mission-specific tools that support a broad customer base
  • Customizable to support your display requirements

Automated Monitoring and Alarming

Our automatic monitoring technologies immediately identify a target’s change of behavior and send an alert before the perimeter is breached, taking the guesswork out of identifying threats. Far more than electronic geofence monitoring, the SSR system includes building blocks for customized alarms and monitoring so you can evolve with ever changing threat characteristics, enemy tactics and regional variances.


  • Provide capabilities beyond standard electronic geofence monitoring
  • Predict potential threats and immediately identify change of behavior
  • Customizable to support your specific target profiles

Integration with Existing C2 Systems

SSR supports C2 Interoperability, interfacing with existing systems over a variety of standard and proprietary formats. Interoperability serves a wide range of customers and systems from a Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM), allowing security officers to manage perimeter and building access, to a Global Command and Control System allowing U.S. and coalition forces to exchange information and participate in joint missions. Our web service API allows interaction with SSR and can be configured to support our schema or open models such as NIEM-M.


  • Supports C2 Interoperability
  • Integrated with a variety of commercial and government C2 systems
  • Provides third party integrators with web service API using SSR’s schema or open standards

Airspace Management

Designed to detect and track surface and air targets, Radii is the airspace management system of choice in navies around the world. The tracker correlates radar, IFF, CD-2 and ADS-B tracks to form a comprehensive air picture. Radii provides operator support tools to help shipboard air traffic operators with helicopter take off and landings.


  • Radii is used as an airspace management system around the world
  • The system integrates and displays radar, IFF, CD-2 and ADS-B tracks

Fleet and Asset Management

A single system integrated with a variety of GPS transponders, SSR allows you to track and manage personnel, vehicles, equipment, and assets, putting the necessary information to make informed decisions at your fingertips. Through Radii, dispatchers quickly identify the most appropriate field assets and respond to incidents faster, saving time in critical moments. Analysts review real-time and historical data, creating cost-saving operational and security strategies and tactics.


  • Track and manage all of your fleet and assets through a single integrated system
  • Integrated with a variety of GPS transponders
  • Quickly identify the most appropriate in-field resources to dispatch to a scene
  • Analyze data to help develop more effective strategies and tactics

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