Information Storage and Exchange

Our Maritime Information Server (MIS) continually collects data from the SSR system and other available commercial and government sources, applying algorithms to increase operator understanding. Through its role-based information access, the MIS provides users with access to intelligence stored on a particular track. The MIS continually logs track activity, alerting operators to potential incidents before they occur.


Web Service Gateway

Web Service Gateway

The MIS allows third party access through a secure REST web service interface, offering developers an intuitive means to access data. The MIS allows external agencies secure access to data that is shared with them based on their permission level.

Track Database

Track Database

As an information storage server, MIS is continually collecting data from the internal system and other available commercial and government data sources. Integrating this information with the real-time data provides enhanced situational awareness to operators, allowing them to make more informed and knowledgeable security decisions.

Track Anomaly Detection

Track Anomaly Detection

The MIS analyzes all real-time track information and compares it with historical and other non-real time information from external sources to identify anomalies. When a potential threat or situation is identified, the operator receives an alert to investigate.


Enhanced Target Intelligence Access

Access to more intelligence. With access to internal and shared external intelligence on targets, operators receive a full 360-degree view of the target, including previous locations, activities and incidents; further enhancing situational awareness and operator effectiveness in making rapid, accurate security decisions.

Enhanced Centralized Alarming

Every operator is alerted. MIS continually monitors track activity, alerting all operators at every station to anomalies and potential incidents. Centralized alarming allows more operators to collaborate on a mission and even share information with other participating agencies, helping reduce operator workload while increasing operational efficiency.

Manage Complex Events With Job Aids

Remove variables. Store standard operating procedures (SOPs) in MIS for quick access during specific incidents. Through MIS job aids, operators check off steps in the SOP and completed lists are stored to ensure compliance and confirm agency direction in the response.

Secure Interagency Access

We make interagency collaboration easy. Share raw sensor, track, and intelligence data through SSR’s secure role-based access system to partner agencies and third-party applications. MIS allows agencies to share specific information between them, offering comprehensive control over what specifically is shared, and what is not, for complete security.

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