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Total understanding requires real-time and historical data. Our LAN API Recorder (LAR) records and stores all SSR system data allowing complete playback of a time period’s events from the entire operational area. Data from the LAR is exceptionally useful for both real-time events and post-event review. As events unfold, operators can quickly jump back and forth in the timeline, examining the event from different angles to better understand the present. Post event, data can be extracted and reviewed for developing action reports, lessons learned, and best practices, as well as building evidence for legal cases and settling target location disputes.


Data Recording

Data Recording

The LAR continually records and stores all raw sensor data and communication sent back and forth between SSR products, including all radar images, radar targets, correlated tracks, camera images, and operator actions.

Playback at Any Angle

Playback at Any Angle

More than a DVR. Using the SSR’s Radii, operators can access all recorded data and play back the timeframe from any angle. Operators can review events, analyzing and interacting with data as if in real time, regardless of what the operator had been monitoring at the time of the event.

Data Extraction & Analysis

Data Extraction & Analysis

Data stored on the LAR can be filtered and extracted for further data analysis or submitted as evidence. Raw recorded data can be converted to a format that is more easily accessible for a data analysis.


On Demand Scene Replay

Go back in time. In many cases, once an event begins, critical moments have already occurred. To understand the complete situation, an operator must understand the past as well as the present. The integrated playback capability allows operators to quickly replay any scene, enabling them to focus on areas that were not observed in real-time, adjusting playback speed to watch the event in a fraction of the time.

Review Different Angles

Get a different point of view. Even the best operators and systems can miss the benign actions that lead to the first red flag. The ability to replay and review an incident from an entirely different angle or with different sensors contributes missing information needed to ensure a well-informed response.

Post-Event Analysis

Access everything, anytime. The ability to completely review an event and extract important data allows agencies to immediately identify lessons learned, revise checklists, and update best practices to further enhance response in the future. Additionally, access to the complete past picture allows agencies to create incident reports and potentially build evidence for legal cases.

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