Port and
Harbor Security

Safety and Security 24/7/365

Ever evolving threats worldwide demand sophisticated port and harbor security systems to protect life, property, and economic vitality. Our integrated sensor technology offers 360-degree, 24/7 monitoring and automated alerting for immediate threat detection and response.

Prepare for the Unpredictable

Whether from the land, air, or sea, a successful attack could be catastrophic, costing lives while crippling infrastructure and the economy. Yet protecting ports and harbors is no easy feat, with their heavy commercial traffic, adjacent public waterways, obstructions causing camera blind spots, and large ships creating radar reflections.

SSR’s state-of-the-art surveillance system is your solution, securing your facility from all maritime threats including surface and subsurface intrusions. We work with you to identify the appropriate sensors for your environment to ensure maximum coverage. Our automated radar processing and tracking solutions increase your security footprint without adding workload or staffing requirements.

We don’t stop at security. SSR’s technologies can be used to improve port operations, helping to reduce operational expenditures and increase revenues. By monitoring and predicting commercial vessel traffic movements, port operations and pilots can improve servicing times and throughput. In other cases, SSR’s real-time and historical surveillance data can be used to identify vessel positions and ensure accurate billing times are recorded.

Strategic Benefits

In a time of hidden dangers, it is essential to detect threats before they get close. Our advanced system gives you the edge you need to recognize and respond before it’s too late.

Leverage Existing Sensors Icon

Security without Additional Workload or Personnel

Reduce workload and increase efficiency. Our system integrates with your existing security management system, ensuring no requirements for additional staff, excessive training, or added responsibility for monitoring multiple applications. Our automatic radar processing and tracking does the work, only alerting your team when necessary.

Automatic Monitoring Technologies Icon

Focused Surveillance with Threat Detection

A split-second decision can make all the difference. Our system takes the guesswork out of recognizing potential threats. Our automatic monitoring technologies immediately identify a target’s change of behavior and send an alert in time for a security response.

360-Degree Perimeter Security System Icon

360-Degree Perimeter Security System

We deliver peace of mind with full perimeter detection. SSR’s team works with you to identify the ideal sensors for your needs, ensuring you have the right mix of equipment to deliver complete 3D 360-degree security covering land, air, and sea, identifying persons, vehicles, watercraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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Optimized System Reliability and Operational Availability

You’re always online. Our ruggedly designed systems operate autonomously for years at a time often hundreds of miles from command centers. With onboard remote monitoring and control, our maintenance tools minimize onsite maintenance requirements and downtime while our system redundancies ensure you never experience a loss in coverage.

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Securely Collaborate with Partner Agencies

We make interagency collaboration easy. Share raw sensor, track, and intelligence data through SSR’s secure entitlement-based gateway to partner agencies. What’s more, our system allows you to leverage partners’ systems to extend or augment local surveillance systems, minimizing capital investment.


Support Port Operations and Billing Activities

We are more than security. SSR’s sensors can be used to ensure vessels and vehicles are accurately monitored and tracked for port operation purposes. All radar and sensor data is recorded for replay and analysis by any number of departments needing accurate details on traffic in the waterway.

Port and Harbor Security at Work

Securing one of the U.S.’s Largest Ports

An attack on the Los Angeles/ Long Beach harbor complex in Southern California could damage the entire U.S. economy. As a leading gateway for trade between the U.S. and Asia, the Port of Long Beach moves 82.3 million metric tons of cargo worth an estimated $180 billion every year. With 2,000 vessels passing through its perimeter annually, it is part of the busiest harbor complex in the United States.

The U.S. Port Security Grant Program and other post 9/11 state and federal security grants were utilized to augment the security system in the Port of Long Beach. These programs have played a major role in enhancing national port security and helping to achieve the national preparedness goal of a secure and resilient nation. The Port of Long Beach has utilized SSR’s system to enhance and extend its maritime domain awareness since 2007.

Integrating with the port’s existing security management system, SSR installed radar systems in San Pedro Bay with microwave datalinks back to the mainland. Leveraging SSR’s ability to support interagency operations, the port added SSR’s adjunct PCRPs to existing radar systems owned by Jacobsen Pilots—allowing the Port of Long Beach to access the sensor data, increasing their coverage without installing new sensors.This radar data is integrated with a variety of other sensor sources including sonar, encrypted AIS and other GPS transponders, providing a seamless, correlated track picture.

In 2014, a virtual command center called Virtual Port was launched, allowing the Port of Long Beach security team and partner agencies to coordinate an incident response without being physically located in the same room. After the success of the Port of Long Beach project, SSR was chosen by the Virtual Port project to provide the real-time maritime domain awareness tracking platform. This has become a highly utilized regional asset and is continuing to expand its coverage along California’s coastline.

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