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Our automated high-performance radar processing, vessel tracking, and sensor integration solutions give you the clear picture.  Allowing you need to make swift, accurate decisions within your coastal surveillance system.

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Real-Time 24/7 Maritime Domain Awareness

We understand the unique challenges surrounding complete coastal surveillance systems. As maritime traffic activity increases, you demand a reliable, low-risk solution.  One that integrates all sensor data into a seamless maritime domain awareness picture.  Allowing you to make swift and accurate security decisions.

SSR’s coastal surveillance radar systems are the answer for coastal monitoring and coastal security applications.  Whether protecting regional littoral waters or defending an entire coastal border, our scalable solutions create maritime domain awareness for you real-time vessel tracking system.

We offer solutions for various project complexities and budgets, ranging from AIS vessel tracking systems to multi-sensor integrated systems.  Our experts partner with you to design and build a reliable coastal monitoring system that the best meet your needs.

Strategic Benefits

SSR’s integrated coastal surveillance radar systems provides multiple benefits.  Helping you maintain complete 24/7/365 maritime domain awareness.  While remaining within budget and nimble to changing conditions.

Operational Effectiveness Icon

Increase Operational Effectiveness While Reducing Overhead

Our integrated and automated radar processing and vessel tracking systems reduce workload. By bringing sensor data together from geographically dispersed coastal surveillance sites, SSR solutions allow a single operator to effectively do more. Your benefit: Fewer operators and reduced operational costs.

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Reduce Expenditures By Leveraging Existing Systems

We work with your system. Many customers have existing radars, AIS base stations, cameras, other sensors still providing valuable information. Our software interfaces with the largest portfolio of surveillance sensors, including Furuno, Kelvin Hughes, Terma, Raytheon, Sperry, Blighter, FLIR and many more. We save you time and money, seamlessly integrating your equipment into an upgraded radar processing and vessel tracking system.

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Optimize Performance Regardless of Bandwidth

Bandwidth concerns? No problem. Our unique message protocol optimizes coastal surveillance radar system performance regardless of network conditions or bandwidth. Whether its radio, satellite, cellular, microwave or fiber, we will transfer all your mission critical data back to the command center.  Providing you with complete and centralized maritime domain awareness.

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Unmanned Remote System Reliability

You’re always online. Our ruggedly designed systems operate autonomously for years, often hundreds of miles from command centers. Our administrative tools include onboard remote monitoring and remote radar control.  Minimizing onsite maintenance requirements and downtime.  Additionally, our system redundancies ensure you never experience a loss in vessel tracking system coverage.

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Securely Collaborate with Partner Agencies

We make inter-agency collaboration easy. Share radar, AIS, camera and vessel track and intelligence data through SSR’s secure entitlement-based gateway.  Connect with other agencies through US and International open architectures such as IMDE-CSS and IALA IVEF.  Leverage partner systems, to augment your coastal surveillance radar system coverage and minimize capital investment.

Coastal Surveillance Radar Systems at Work

Protecting Natural Resources

As concerns grew over poaching in the Chesapeake Bay’s $3 billion oyster industry, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) implemented an advanced coastal monitoring system to protect the  sanctuaries.

Maryland DNR selected SSR to provide the core surveillance sensor foundation for its system.   A comprehensive radar, AIS receiver, and camera surveillance system was implemented to provide complete 24/7 coverage of the Bay’s 4,480 square miles.

Due to the Bay’s ragged coastline, islands, and bridges, the system required two types of radars, AIS base stations, high definition day cameras, and advanced thermal infrared cameras.  The agency also employs mobile radar surveillance trailers to manage changing conditions and patterns.

Utilizing microwave, cellular, and fiber connections, all sensor data continuously streams to SSR’s Radii situational awareness display.  The display provides a clear real-time picture of the bay regardless of meteorological conditions.  Operators are immediately altered to potential threats by the automated system.  All data is recorded and available for on demand access, helping to recreate events and build incident reports.

Although the system was initially installed to protect Maryland’s natural resources, the value of SSR’s advanced technology has attracted high-level attention. Due to the bay’s proximity to Washington, D.C., and thanks to SSR’s multi-agency sharing capabilities, the system has grown into an invaluable multi-agency information-sharing network. The United States Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, Maryland Emergency Management Agency, Maryland Port Authority, and Naval Research Laboratory have all tapped into the coastal surveillance system’s live data streams.  Supporting different operational missions, these agencies jointly monitor up to 1,500 ships daily.  The results are heightened national security surveillance and an increase in life-saving capabilities in the Bay.

And the oysters?  They are thriving, coming back as the industry’s production in the bay remains on a continual rise after a decades-long decline, thanks in part to SSR’s support of Maryland DNR.

To learn more about our maritime domain awareness solutions including coastal surveillance systems and vessel tracking systems, please contact us to request a demo.

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