Tracks you can Trust

We help operators work smarter and more efficiently. SSR’s automated tracking and multi-sensor solutions incorporate our proprietary algorithms, removing false tracks, clutter and off-target tracks. Only clear, pertinent and accurate information is presented, ensuring you maintain complete situational awareness to aid rapid response.

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Automated Radar Tracking

While not a new concept, automatic tracking can be problematic when not properly designed. SSR’s algorithms are designed to address issues such as false tracks or off-target tracks. Our proven systems automatically track more than 1,000 targets a day in the Chesapeake Bay, are the heart of all Coast Guard VTS Systems, and perform unmanned radar processing and radar tracking on multiple shipboard systems. Our proven automated radar tracking delivers.


  • Reduce operator workload by minimize tracking interaction
  • Create high fidelity radar tracks that you can trust
  • Track fidelity and consistency enable big data analytics, pattern recognition and anomaly detection.
  • Automatically track thousands of targets

Multi-Sensor Track Management

SSR combines all underlying sensor data to create a clear correlated track picture, providing a 360-degree view of all targets in the domain, including surface, subsurface, and air to identify personnel, vehicles and drones. Using filters and account privileges, operators can create a dynamic representation of target data using specific criteria or sensors, allowing them to focus on pertinent mission information.


  • Improve track performance with multiple sensors and sources
  • Remove the clutter and focus on the pertinent track information
  • Enable track entitlement and federation through dynamic track representations

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