Reliable Track Data

Our Global Track Correlator (GTC) provides the ability to receive and correlate data from multiple sensors including radar, AIS, Sonar, IFF, ADS-B, ELINT, RDF, and other sources. Through machine learning algorithms, the tracker identifies and suppresses false tracks, delivering reliable track data to enhance the operator’s situational awareness.


Track Correlation

Track Correlation

The SSR Global Track Correlator automatically combines information from multiple track sources, determining which sources should be correlated together based on their position and characteristics, producing highly reliable final tracks. Proprietary algorithms work to suppress duplicate and false targets; ensuring proper targets are forwarded to the operator for optimum situational awareness.

Radar Tracking

Radar Tracking

The Global Track Correlator receives and correlates all targets extracted from the radar processor. Performance is enhanced in overlapping coverage areas by combining and reinforcing the individual radar returns. Targets in the environment automatically form system wide radar tracks while false returns are suppressed.

Target Extractor

Target Extractor

The SSR system receives target information from a variety of sensors, including AIS, encrypted AIS, satellite AIS, LRIT, VMS, sonar, IFF, CD-2, ADS-B, ELINT, RDF, NMEA, OTH-G, and other external tracking sources. The target extractor marshals the data into a common track format and performs further processing to eliminate duplicate or erroneous tracks.


Reliable Track Picture

Tracks you can trust. Through our proprietary algorithms, the GTC correlates data from multiple sensors to ensure a highly accurate and reliable track, reducing operator workload while increasing situational awareness. There is no more guess work as operators make rapid decisions without concerns over whether the track is real or false.

Interagency Sharing

Share without security concerns. Dynamically represent tracks differently between operators. Agencies working together on an event can each receive valuable track and target information needed while sensitive security details are protected.

Adaptive Multi-Mission Support

Simultaneously support multiple tracking missions and profiles. Our tracking algorithm dynamically adjusts to each target’s behavior allowing you to accurately track large steady moving targets and small, highly-maneuvering targets without adjusting the tracker’s settings.

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