Safety First

SSR’s range safety surveillance system ensures your range is free of unknown targets.  Providing you the confidence to safely execute test, launch, and training missions

Space Launch Range Safety - Military Sea Range Safety

Securing Modern Sea Ranges

Whether performing a SpaceX launch or military training exercises, range operators need to ensure areas are free and clear of civilian and commercial traffic.  We can help provide complete range visibility on the surface, underwater, and in the air.  Our experts partner with you to design and build a reliable range safety system that the best meet your needs.

An integrated and flexible solution.  Using identification friend or foe (IFF) and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B), our system can seamlessly integrate the air domain with the surface domain.  If the subsurface domain is a concern, our system can correlate radars and sonars to detect and classify targets as surface or subsurface.

Our advanced Radii display provides a clear real-time picture of the entire range.  Presenting your operators with an intuitive user interface and allowing complete control of the system.  With instant access to current and historical data, you can feel confident no target has gone unnoticed.

Strategic Benefits

Never compromise on safety.  Modernization helps ensure a free and clear range.

Modernize AN/SPS-73 Military Navigation Radar Icon

Modernize Radars, Maintain System Interoperability

Critical radar modernization.  Obsolete radars can degrade overall system performance leading to undetected targets within the sea range safety warning zone. We offer the ability to modernize legacy radars without impacting integrated systems using their radar and track data.

Automatic Monitoring Technologies Icon

Enhance Domain and Situational Awareness

Complete situational awareness. By upgrading your range safety display system to SSR’s Radii, you receive an intuitive interface giving you quick access to real-time radar, track, camera, and chart data. Utilizing automatic monitoring tools and instant access to system recordings, you maintain full awareness of the operational area.

Leverage Existing Sensors Icon

Domain Awareness Beyond Surface Targets

Maintain a complete picture. SSR’s surface search radar system integrates with your air and subsurface surveillance sensors.  Helping ensure a clear range in all dimensions before you give the green light for launch activities.

Unmanned Remote System - Unmanned Shipboard Surveillance Icon

Unmanned Remote System Reliability

You’re always online.  Our ruggedly designed systems operate autonomously for years, often hundreds of miles from command centers. Our administrative tools include onboard remote monitoring and remote radar control.  Helping to minimize onsite maintenance requirements and downtime.  Additionally, our system redundancies ensure you never experience a loss in coverage.

Range Safety at Work

Ranges Free and Clear

From military sea range training exercises to space launch range safety, operators need to ensure areas are free and clear of civilian and commercial traffic.  Some of the largest and most well-known ranges rely on SSR’s comprehensive system to provide air and surface surveillance.

At Cape Canaveral, Florida, a rocket launch requires a large security perimeter along the coast and extending into the Atlantic Ocean.  SSR’s system integrates long-range radars with a variety of transponder technologies, to ensure all vessels and aircraft are detected and tracked.

By strategically placing high-power sensors throughout the range both on land and offshore, SSR’s system creates an extensive interconnected network of sensors.  This system allows operators to detect small targets, even at long distances.  Helping to divert incoming traffic quickly and safely, while avoiding costly delays.

Over the past few years, sea range facilities such as NAWCWD Point Mugu, have undergone technology refresh and capability enhancement programs. These ranges selected SSR to provide next-gen surface search radar systems.  Additionally, SSR provided situational awareness and management capabilities that ensure backward compatibility with government C2 systems.

To learn more about our how we can help you design your space launch range safety or military sea range safety solution, please contact us.

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