Optimal Target Detection

Our high-performance radar processor is fully compatible with multiple commercial and military radar systems. All raw radar signals are processed through standard and proprietary algorithms to ensure optimal target detection and provide consistent operational behavior to the end user. Quite simply, the PCRP optimizes target detection with minimal operator involvement.


Radar Control Interface

Radar Control Interface

With SSR, customers can select from a variety of radar manufacturers and models to get the best of breed design for their mission needs. We offer a large portfolio of radars that utilize both open standard format (ex. ASTERIX) and the manufacturers’ own proprietary analog and digital interfaces, all of which work directly with our radar processor.

Radar Image Server

Radar Image Server

Our system receives raw radar returns and generates a high resolution radar image, allowing operators to easily and quickly understand targets in the environment. This radar image amplifies the operator’s understanding of the domain by providing more context than a track-only display.

Radar Target Extractor

Radar Target Extractor

The SSR PCRP receives an analog or digital radar feed and automatically suppresses clutter. It enhances and extracts small targets from the environment using our proprietary algorithms, allowing our system to automatically form sensor tracks with minimal operator intervention.

Access Other Agencies' Radars

Access Other Agencies’ Radars

Adjunct radar processors connect to existing radar equipment and provide independent radar processing. This allows a single command to conduct multiple missions with independent sensor and tracking profiles (such as conducting search and rescue while simultaneously managing safety of navigation). Reducing government expenditures, an adjunct PCRP can utilize existing radars outside the organization to access and extract radar signals needed to augment your own data, without concern of network or interagency information sharing.


Radar Sensor Control

Be in control. The SSR PCRP gives operators the ability to remotely control and administer a large integrated radar system from a single command center. Remotely manipulate your system to your mission requirements while maintaining constant awareness of the health and status of the overall system.

A Clear Picture

Visualize your domain. Our radar processor synthesizes raw radar data into a clear radar image, helping operators better identify and track targets of interest.

Adaptive Clutter Suppression

Reduce false tracks. The PCRP automatically adapts to the environment, removing clutter and providing consistent radar output while automatically detecting radar targets in the environment.

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