Complete Situational Awareness

From operators to mission commanders, Radii’s flexible interface allows users to create a single or multi-screen layout specific to mission preferences, providing instant on-demand access to any and all target tracking information and sensor control. By consolidating information from all other components of the SSR surveillance system, Radii allows users to manage missions, tag specific targets, replay past events, and access the database while visually monitoring activities, all at one workstation. Radii also offers multi-language support, allowing users to operate the system in their native language.


Complete Integration

Complete Integration

The Radii display system is the complete integrated display for domain awareness, situational awareness, response management, and post-event analysis. It brings all SSR products and capabilities into a single interface, providing users with a comprehensive view of their AOR.

Radar & Sensor Control

Radar & Sensor Control

The Radii display system allows operators to monitor and control radars, cameras, and other sensors connected to the system. This approach allows operators to remain focused and not have to go between various applications.

Track Display & Management

Track Display & Management

View all correlated track information and quickly obtain overall situational awareness of an operational area. As an important component in the complete SSR surveillance system, Radii allows operators to quickly access and manipulate tracks within the environment, drilling down to better understand the details of a track, including its past positions, operator notes, and stored photos, in order to vet targets and make rapid security decisions.

User-Defined Operational Picture

User-Defined Operational Picture

Radii goes beyond the common operational picture, allowing users to customize their displays for the specific mission at hand and highlighting the precise information needed to quickly make security decisions. By customizing the display to highlight only the information and tools important to the mission, operators reduce workload and confusion, freeing themselves to work smarter and respond more efficiently.


Radii is the central component to the complete SSR Surveillance System, specifically designed to work seamlessly with all other SSR products and capabilities, bringing all data from the system together in one display.

Integrated Chat

Coordinate with other operators through chat. Operators can synchronize screens and coordinate on specific events, sharing information between workstations to more efficiently manage an incident and make informed security decisions.

Target Vectoring

With Radii, operators can support incident response by providing friendly assets with specific target vectoring. With Radii’s built-in tools, operators can calculate the predicted positions of targets of interest, enhancing collaborative response.

Flexible Deployment Options

We meet your needs. Radii is available as a software package, workstation, or web application allowing you to design your display system to meet budget and operational requirements.

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